The key features you should apply to your bathroom to turn it from something old to something new

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Bathrooms are rarely given the attention they deserve but if you think of their purpose you will begin to understand exactly why many people judge a house by its bathrooms—including guests, and Durham region realtors. If you plan on giving your bathroom a little loving, we’ve got some great tips to apply to your bathroom’s key features to turn it from something old into something new.

Go Green 

We all know that green is all the rage these days. To make a positive impact on your home and your environment consider making your bathroom upgrades with eco-friendly products like energy-efficient water heaters, low-flow toilets and faucets and by using re-claimed wood and materials for flooring and cabinetry. A ‘green’ washroom will not only boost your homes value but will renew your commitment to the environment and show your family and friends how easy—and stylish—it can be to be green.

Go High-Tech

The quickest way to give your bathroom a modernizing makeover is to install some high-tech upgrades. This can include self-lifting toilet lids, self-cleaning showers, steam showers, bluetooth shower heads (men LOVE this one), etc.

Go Big or Go Home

If you have the available space, consider widening your shower. Most homes come with standard-sized showers, which while space-saving aren’t the most comfortable or visually appealing. A large, walk-in and walk-about, spa-like shower is a luxury that is simply worth the investment.

Should your bathroom be taken up primarily by the tub and you don’t have room for shower expansion then strongly consider installing a Jacuzzi tub, for a truly spa-like bathroom experience. Many homeowners are able to install a Jacuzzi-style tub if they remove some of the large decking around their existing tub.

Go Fancy with your Cabinetry

Your cabinetry makes a huge impression on everyone who walks into your bathroom, and because bathroom cabinets are generally quite small they tend to be a low-cost upgrade. So, upgrade your bathroom cabinets to give it an old-to-new makeover. While you’re down there swap out the fixtures for shiny new ones to complete the look. When choosing cabinetry try choosing cabinetry and fixtures that makes a bold statement.

Old-to-New Bathroom Help

While many of these bathroom upgrades you can easily install yourself, the ones that involve plumbing, like changing toilets, tubs and showers, you will want to rely on the expertise of a professional. Before making any large plumbing-based changes to your washroom be sure to call us, your Durham region plumbers, for advice—and a free estimate.

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