Things to consider before renovating your bathroom

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Wait—stop. Yes, you. The one in front of the computer. Before you renovate know the following 6 things to consider before bathroom renovations. These tips will save you time and sanity. 

6 Things to Consider Before Bathroom Renovations

1. Don’t Skimp on Fixtures

Your fixtures are your most affordable way to spruce up your bathroom, and bring it from ‘meh’ to modern. Before buying the first ones you see though, give it some consideration—while keeping the rest of your renovation theme in mind.

2. Budget for Plumbing

Many bathroom renovators make grandiose plans for their bathroom but forget to leave room in the budget for the plumbing they will need to have done to accommodate it. So, if you’re buying a new tub, toilet or sink, call us today for a quote on what installing it will cost.

3. Sit in your New Tub

Bathtubs look good on showroom floors under fancy lighting, but nothing will tell you how much you like it as sitting your rear in it. Take a try-before-you-buy to ensure that you’re getting the right one for you—and your body—because a 60-inch tub isn’t enough for tall people and some tubs aren’t wide enough to accommodate our waistbands.

4. Go Open Concept with your Shower

An open-concept shower is entirely underrated. They open up the space, give you more space to splash and add value to your washroom. Of all the bathroom’s we’ve been in the nicest showers have all been open-concept. If you think you don’t have space consider stealing some space from the tub by getting rid of the huge decking that accompanied most 90s and early 2000s tubs.

5. Add Bathrooms During Renovations

If your family is constantly fighting over the bathroom then consider, during renovations, adding a second bathroom adjoining to the existing one. By doing this you can leverage existing plumbing (although check to make sure your system can handle it) and turn part of a large nearby bedroom or bedroom closet into another ensuite bathroom.

6. Buy a High-Quality Toilet

If there’s only one tip you take from this article—make it this one: buy a high-quality toilet. High-quality toilets won’t break your bank, but they will last longer and be more comfortable on your rear. Our extra-special toilet-buying tip: the most comfy models have elongated bowls and seats!

We hope these bathroom renovations tips were helpful and we hope you will take a couple of them to heart (especially the high-quality toilet one!). And remember, before planning for any plumbing-altering renovations—call Hayes for an installation quote.

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