Three Bathroom Renovation Trends

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It’s the place in which we all enjoy some quiet time while getting ready for work in the morning. But the bathroom is no longer a simple room for retreat. The area is now becoming a focus for home buyers. And there’s an ever greater demand within the marketplace for stylish bathroom that incorporate the latest designs. In this blog, we’ll highlight three of the latest bathroom renovation trends within the Canadian marketplace.


1. Spa-Like Facilities 

The spa equipment marketplace is growing quickly across North America, as homeowners look to integrate the latest spa systems within their homes. Features such as whirlpool baths are found widely in new properties as homebuyers are developing a taste for the luxury bathroom experience. Many are now looking to their bathroom as an area in which they can escape the stresses of their day and options such as steam shower rooms and hot tubs bring unparalleled comfort.


2. Custom-Built Open Walk-In Showers 

Within the bathroom renovation marketplace, homeowners are now looking to redesign their bathroom space in a way that reflects their personal identity. This means that customizations are widely popular. Specifically, custom-built open showers are prized by homeowners and buyers alike. Walk-in showers can be modeled to seamlessly blend in with a stylish bathroom environment and provide homeowners both convenience and comfort. Walk-in showers are ideal for open-concept bathroom floor plans in which there’s plenty of space for a contemporary shower design.


3. Use of Natural Design Materials

A leading benefit of using natural materials is that they lend a sense of timelessness to the bathroom design. Products such as natural wood and natural stone are being widely used to craft classically-styled bathroom areas. The advantage of natural materials is they blend well within almost all bathroom designs. Many buyers and current owners are looking to integrate products that have a worn appearance. It’s a style choice that’s widely popular within older homes that are in the process of being remodeled.


The latest designs herald a new era in bathroom renovations. For those who wish to learn more about the options available on the marketplace, contact our trusted bathroom renovation experts today!

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