Three Tips for Cost-Efficient Sprinkler Use

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A sprinkler system offers a convenient way to water a home lawn and keep grass looking its vibrant best during spells of dry weather. But many homeowners are finding that their home sprinkler system is costing them hundreds of dollars extra in terms of water use annually. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques homeowners can use to improve the cost-efficiency of sprinklers. In this post, we’ll provide three of the latest expert tips.

1. Divide Your Lawn Into Zones

The leading landscaping professionals will tell you the importance of dividing your lawn into zones when watering. By putting plants that need only a small amount of water together, you can minimize water waste and simplify the watering process. You can also ensure flowers are receiving more water than the lawn, which can often go many more days without fresh water.

2. Place Sprinkler Heads Effectively

Not many homeowners consider this point when examining their home sprinkler system, but the placement of sprinkler heads is exceptionally important. By ensuring the sprinkler heads are right at ground level and sit straight in the grass, you can maximize water flow and minimize leakage into areas where water isn’t required. It’s important to ensure that sprinkler heads are placed a significant distance away from the sidewalk and other non-watering areas. This helps ensure maximum water coverage for areas that require the moisture for plant growth and optimal lawn health.

3. Use Rainwater to Consolidate Costs

One way many proactive homeowners are now reducing their water expenditure is by using natural rain water for the water in their sprinklers. The latest rainwater collection systems can be easily and quickly hooked up to sprinkler systems to provide no cost water to your lawn for many years to come. The majority of these systems consist of a barrel placed underneath a rain run off area, such as the eaves trough on a house. By using a barrel with a spigot you can then connect it to the sprinkler system via a hose, thereby forming an environmentally-friendly lawn sprinkler system.

There are many great ways to make lasting savings on your lawn care costs this year. To learn more on how to optimize your sprinkler system, speak with our trusted plumbing experts directly!

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