Three Tips for Effective Water Filtration System Maintenance

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Water filtration systems are designed to help protect families against the potentially dangerous contaminants within their drinking water. While the leading brands in the country must abide by Canadian regulatory standards, and therefore offer highly effective equipment, this equipment can only retain peak performance with regular maintenance. With that in mind, this blog will help homeowners understand the maintenance requirements for the latest water filtration systems.


Closely Review the Filtration Cartridge’s Life Span 

Each filtration cartridge in the marketplace has a life span, after which it’s no longer able to perform optimal filtration. This life span relates to the amount of water flowing through the product before it requires replacement. The filter comes to the end of its life when the filter media that traps the contaminants becomes saturated, and unable to perform its filtration role. In order for homeowners to maintain the highest level of filtration within their property, they must replace their cartridges according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Reverse Osmosis Systems Have Special Maintenance Requirements

Reverse osmosis filtration systems contain a special membrane through which water is filtered. These membranes can sometimes become blocked with contaminants after many uses and therefore must be cleaned effectively depending on the type of blockage. It’s important to only use cleaning products that are specified by the manufacturer. Using the wrong type of cleaning solution could reduce the overall filtration benefits of the system or even make the system completely ineffective.


Complete Regular Salt Removal Maintenance on Water Softeners 

Many of the latest water softeners are highly efficient in their use of salt. The salt doesn’t turn over as often as it did in previous systems and because of this, the system may suffer a salt clog. In this event, homeowners should turn off their system, then try to use a garden tool such as a trough or spade to remove as much of the salt in the system as possible. Then, when they get to the blockage, use a bucket of hot tap water to pour through the clog. After a few hours the blockage should be removed.


Effective maintenance of the latest water filtration systems requires patience and a commitment to proactive research. Our trusted experts are available now for those with persistent maintenance challenges!

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