Three Tips for Responding to a Plumbing Emergency

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A plumbing emergency can happen at any time of the day or night. Water leaks and equipment malfunction often occur at the most inconvenient moment. And so it’s important that homeowners know the ideal methods for responding to their emergency plumbing issue quickly and effectively. In this blog, we’ll outline three expert tips for responding to a plumbing emergency.


1. Stop the Flow of Water Immediately 

During any plumbing emergency, it’s imperative that homeowners first act to stop the flow of water from the source. If the problem is related to a particular appliance, homeowners should find the main shutoff valve for the appliance and prevent the water entering the system from the main line. For some fixtures, the shutoff valve can be closed by turning it clockwise. Any problems with appliances or fixtures without a shutoff valve can be resolved by turning off the main shutoff valve to the property.


2. Only Use Tools You Have Experience With 

One of the leading errors homeowners make in responding to plumbing emergencies is buying and using tools they’re unexperienced in using. For example, many homeowners go out and buy a snaking system when they have an emergency with a clogged toilet. Using this type of tool in the wrong way can actually damage expensive fixtures, causing the repair bill to be even more expensive than it would have been had they left it alone. Despite wanting to complete the work themselves, it’s often far more cost-effective for property owners to leave challenging plumbing work to the professionals.


3. Call a Professional within a Quick Timeframe

If, within an hour of trying to resolve the issue, there is still a plumbing related emergency in the home, it is imperative homeowners call their local specialist to ensure expertise is available on short-notice. Acting decisively in this type of scenario can ensure the structure of the home remains intact and can prevent long-term damage to appliances and fixtures.


Quick, knowledge-based action can help homeowners prevent lasting damage to their property during a plumbing emergency. To learn more on how to respond effectively to emergency plumbing issues, contact our trusted industry experts directly. We have the experience and emergency expertise to respond to any technical questions.

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