Time for a New Toilet?

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How do you know when it is time to flush—permanently—your latrine for the last time? As an experienced plumber in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering and Ajax we know that it is time for a new toilet when the maintenance calls are calling nearly as often as the call of nature.

To help you decide if it is time to send your porcelain to the big porcelain god in the sky we’ve put together 4 telltale signs that it is time for a new toilet; signs we have come up with after years of being an experienced plumber in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering and Ajax: 

1. Constant Clogging 

Older toilets that require at least one unclogging a week become a major pain the rear. This constant clogging and frequent flushing is required because old low-flow toilets don’t have the water flow to flush properly under modern conditions. If your porcelain pal is frequently clogging it may be time for a change to a modern low-flow technology.

2. Crack(s)

A crack in the porcelain of the bowl or tank will cause continuous leaks—and often at the worst times. To prevent a major disaster you will want to replace the toilet before the crack breaks completely and/or damages the floor beneath it. 

3. Wacky Water Bills

If your water bill is extremely high there may be an unnoticeable leak or a constant refilling of the tank. To save water over the long term you may need to replace the unit. 

4. It Wobbles, Rocks or Moves

Toilets are meant to be sturdy devices. If they begin to shake, rattle or roll this is a sign that there may be a serious issue with the toilet. Have a professional inspect the device and determine is there is a degraded wax seal, rotten subfloor or loose mounting bolts.

If it is indeed time for a new toilet, allow us to recommend our two heavy favourites—affordable units that will stand the test of time, save water consumption and provide healthy warranties:

Cadet® 3 Round Front Toilet 12″ Rough
This nifty little, super-affordable unit has an antimicrobial surface, leverages the Flush Right system and has a siphon-action jetted bowl for consistent flushing. 

Cimarron® Comfort Height®

And as always—be sure to think Hayes when looking for an experienced plumber in Oshawa, Bowmanville, Pickering and Ajax.

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