Is It Time to Swap Your Bathtub for a Shower?

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Very few things are as relaxing as a warm bubble bath that could melt all the stress brought about by a busy day. However, not everyone actually has the luxury of time to spend in a bath. Because of this, most people agree that having a shower makes more sense. And this is why most newly constructed homes include a shower instead of a bathtub.

It is therefore not surprising that when homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms, a spacious walk-in-shower is one of the first features that get added, taking the place of the bathtub to make room for it.

While that is a sensible idea, you have to know that if you intend to sell your home, it is possible that not having a bathtub could be a concern for some prospective buyers. For the right buyer, though, a beautiful walk-in shower might exactly be the feature that would make them want to make an offer instantly. A lot of adults are too busy with work and all the other things they need to take care of to enjoy long baths so showers are preferred.

If the house has a hot tub for relaxation, then that’s more reason for you to get a nice shower as there’s a backup in case you or your home’s future owner feels the need to take a dip.

You have to note, however, that families with children are probably going to want a bathtub. Families with pets may also think bathtubs are a must-have. If you live in an area which is more suitable for young families, removing your bathtub may be a bigger risk.For homes with multiple bathrooms with at least one other tub, then converting one to a shower is probably not going to matter to interested buyers.

Other Things to Consider

Before you get too invested in your dream of having a walk-in shower, it is a great idea to first contact a local licensed plumber. When it comes to bathroom renovations there are other things to consider besides the aesthetic elements. And if you already have an idea about the aesthetic choices you’ll have to make, a seasoned plumber will still be able to help you understand everything better, including parameters for such things as the shower stall size that’s just right for your bathroom.

It’s also possible that where the bathtub is situated right now is not exactly the ideal location for a walk-in shower. That usually means there would be more plumbing work compared to a typical conversion. It is always a good idea to have these things figured out as early as possible so you’ll also be prepared for the estimated duration of the project, the cost, and other important matters.

If you are considering making a change in your bathroom design, you can contact Hayes Plumbing today and we can discuss the steps you need to take.

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