Tips on How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger Than It Is

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As professional plumbers, bathroom renovators and bathroom ideas type of people, we regularly maximize bathroom space. We use our designs to help our clients bathrooms look larger than they are—because let’s face it, very few homes have large and spacious bathrooms.

If you’re planning bathroom renovations on a small, smaller, or small-‘ish’ bathroom that you would like to look bigger and brighter, then you’ll love these 5 bathroom ideas that we’ve gleamed from our years of experience:

Bathroom-Growing Tip #1: Mirror your Mirrors

Using more than one mirror is a great way to give the illusion of more space in your washroom. Double mirrors, when properly placed truly open up the space by giving it a never-ending appearance. Kind of like a classy version of a funhouse. If you don’t have enough wall space for two well-placed mirrors then a mirror across from a window will have a similar effect. Combining two mirrors and a window will blow your socks off.

Bathroom-Opening Tip #2: Swap Bulky Cabinets for Furniture-Style Vanities

Furniture-style vanities are super-chic right now and give a bathroom a glamorous look—a look generally reserved for Home & Garden magazine. But now, everyday people are beginning to incorporate desk-, armoire-, bar-, drawing board- and other furniture-style vanities. Not only are they chic (and surprisingly affordable) they can also take up less space than bulky bathroom cabinetry, which will make your bathroom feel larger. 

Bathroom-Amplifying Tip #3: Consider a Pedestal Sink
If you are working with an extremely small, two- or three-piece bathroom and know that even a small bar-style vanity would eat the space then consider a pedestal-style sink as it takes up the least amount of space of any sink on the market. If you need storage consider installing medicine-cabinet-style storage (there are some pretty fancy options these days!) or basket-and-shelf style storage.

Bathroom- Expanding Tip #4: Add Wall Storage
If you don’t have room for traditional storage, without cluttering the room, then carve-out some additional storage in the walls and make recessed shelving.

Bathroom-Enlarging Tip #5: Go with Glass
Ditching your shower curtain for glass is one of our best bathroom ideas as it removes a large visual barrier that closes off a large amount of space—so plan for a glass-enclosed shower instead.

Wondering what other bathroom tips you’re missing? Stay tuned to our blog!

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