Tips To Properly Assess A Leaky Faucet

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Is your faucet leaking? There are many reasons why this common problem can occur.  Whether it’s simply “wear and tear” from being used for such a long period of time, caused by the improper installation of a washer, or caused by a broken pipe in your home, it’s something that needs to be addressed as soon as you possibly can. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “…leaks can cause almost 10,000 gallons of wastage in a home every year, and this amount is sufficient to fill a swimming pool.” In this article, we’re going to look at some useful tips that can help you properly assess a leaky faucet.

Tips To Properly Assess A Leaky Faucet

Listed below are some effective tips that can help you properly assess a leaky faucet:

Check your pipes. It may be the reason why your faucet is leaking. See if there are any leaks around your pipes, and if you notice any, we recommend that you contact a reputable resource that can help you get the proper assistance that you need, such as the experts at Hayes Plumbing!

Are your inlet and outlet seals worn out? If you find that your faucet continues to drip water even after closing it, it may be due to sediment buildup. A reputable plumber can properly clean out your faucet and remove any sediment buildup on your inlet and outlet seals.

If you previously installed a washer, it may be the cause of the leak. Improperly-sized washers, along with worn washers, are some of the most common culprits for leaky faucets.

Is your valve seat corroded? This can lead to leaks, due to the accumulation of sediments. You can prevent this by getting your valve seat cleaned on a regular basis by a reputable plumber.

If you have any questions, or need the assistance of a professional, then contact the experts at Hayes Plumbing– one of the Durham Region’s most trusted and experienced plumbing companies! You can call them at 905-576-3043, send them an email, or check out their website at!

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