Toilet 101: How to Properly Clean It

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Cleaning the toilet is, indeed, a very repulsive chore. One thing that is good about it is it is pretty simple and straightforward to do. You just have to scrub the edges of the bowl and you’re good to go. However, there is a correct way to clean your toilet. If you do this the right way, it will keep the spread of bacteria and viruses more effectively. Not only that, it can also save you time and energy as well. That is what we want to talk about right now so when the time comes for you to clean the toilet, you can do it the right way.


#01. Remove everything that is unnecessary from around the toilet when you clean. There is a huge chance that you might splash toilet water outside the bowl and we do not want your other items to be around when that happens. In addition to that, if you have items sitting on top of the tank, you might want to evacuate them, too, and that is to prevent them from dropping into the bowl during your cleaning session.


#02. Do not forget to flush the toilet with the lid down so it would prevent splashing or spraying. Then, you could add the cleaning solution of your choice to the bowl. Do not forget to apply the cleaning solution to the toilet rim as close as possible to avoid having a diluted cleanser.


#03. While the cleaning solution is doing its job from the inside, it is time for you to attack the exterior of the toilet. You should start from the top to prevent any dripping on the surfaces that are already clean. Get your cleaning solution and spray the handle, tank and its edges and wipe them downwards. After this, do the outside lid of the toilet next. Then, wipe the entire bowl down. Be sure to start with the side and front and ending up all the way to the bottom.


#04. Next up: the toilet seat. Raise the seat then spray it with your cleaning solution along with the inside lid and the rim of the toilet. After that, just wipe down the lid, seat, and hinges that are at the back of the toilet seat.


#05. It is time to clean the inside of the bowl. You may begin cleaning from the top down. Check under the rim to scrub all the grime away. Then, you will need to scrub the bowl next. Finally, you can scrub the bottom hole of the toilet. After this, flush the toilet with the lid down. Finally, wipe down any excess drips of cleanser or water that are present.


Easy to do, right? Practice these steps the next time you clean your toilet for a maximum result!

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