Is Your Toilet Saying Goodbye?

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Does your toilet look too retro for the rest of the home? Is it giving you a tired and retired vibe? Does it give you more drama than your favourite television shows? If so, then it’s probably time to find a new one for your home.

Here are some warning signs that tell you you’re up for an upgrade stat:

  • It gets clogged way too often.

If your toilet gets clogged once, that’s fine. But if it’s more of a recurring issue, it becomes a big time nuisance. It is very unpleasant to have to do some plunging on a regular basis, to say the least. If you’re spending more time dealing with clogs than actually using it, a replacement is needed as soon as possible.

  • It requires a lot of repairs.

If your toilet needs to have the fill valve, the handle, the flapper, and the seat cover replaced, you might want to consider replacing the toilet altogether. Buying these parts separately and changing them will definitely cost you both time and money. Instead of spending money for the parts and the repair work, why not get yourself a new toilet instead?

  • There’s a crack on the porcelain.

Even hairline cracks can eventually turn into a flood at the worst of times. They can also be behind an active leak. Regularly check your bowl and tank when you’re cleaning the toilet to see if there are any cracks. If you find one, you should consider replacing the toilet before it breaks.

  • Your toilet uses too much water when you flush.

Modern water saving toilets use less than two gallons of water for every flush while older toilets use somewhere between three to five gallons of water. If you are thinking of ways to save water and money, then you should definitely replace your old toilet with a new water-saving model.

  • It does not look good anymore.

This is not just talking about style or colour. Old toilets may have stains and scratches that make it look unsanitary. The porcelain surface of your toilet does get worn as the years pass and as it goes through regular heavy scrubbing. As it ages, it becomes even harder to keep it looking clean. If you are not that confident to let other people use your toilet because of how it looks, it means it’s time for a replacement.

You won’t know how important it is to have a toilet that’s properly working until it isn’t. Save yourself from the hassle of dealing with toilet troubles. Call Hayes Plumbing now to find out your options!

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