Top-of-the-Line Products you Should Equip your Washroom With

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As plumbing and bathroom professionals in the Durham region we know just how important it is to know which top-of-the-line products you should equip your washroom with. When choosing top-of-the-line bathroom products to keep us plumbers away (if we were teachers this list would be full of apples) we recommend the following:

1. Bathroom Paint

While paint might not be something you would expect on this list, choosing a paint specifically formulated for bathrooms (often the same or similar to kitchen paint) is important. Standard paints simply cannot hold up to the heat and moisture produced by washrooms, which is why they require specially-formulated paints. Behr’s makes high-quality bathroom paint that will keep the moisture from damaging your drywall, and will make cleaning your walls (important in a bathroom due to mold and bathroom particles) easier and healthier for the family.

2. Durable Ceramic Tiles 

If you are choosing to use ceramic tiles in your washroom, which is a popular choice amongst homeowners, be sure to choose high-quality ones. If you’re ceramic tile-laying skills aren’t exactly professional-grade then consider having a professional install them. Without the durability that comes from a well-laid tile job you can get moisture behind the tiles, which fosters mould growth and damages drywall—and your health.

3. A High-Quality Toilet 

Toilets aren’t just a ceramic bowl, they have gone high-tech. And for good reason, modern living and modern plumbing systems are best served by high-quality toilets that offer long guarantees, antimicrobial surfacing, special valves, more-effective flushing systems and of course added comfort—because let’s face it, you’re going to spend hours on this thing over the next several years. Two of our favourite high-quality toilets are the affordable Cadet® 3 Round Front Toilet 12″ Rough and the best-in-class Cimarron® Comfort Height®.

4. Long-Lasting Fixtures

Your fixtures are not only a style statement, they should also be built-to-last and easy-to-clean. Bathroom fixtures include robe hooks, paper holders, towel bars, towel rings, faucets, handles, etc. Personally, we’ve seen the visual-appeal and durability of top-of-the-line fixture companies like Moen, Kohler, American Standard, Maax and Mirolin—which is why we recommend them highly.

When it comes to top-of-the-line products you should equip your washroom with, we’ve got a line-up of the best—and, we’ll come install them, professionally, for you throughout the Durham region. Call Hayes today to find out how you can turn your bathroom into a top-of-the-line washroom.

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