Tree Roots and your Plumbing

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Tree roots are to plumbing as kryptonite is to Superman—as tree roots can bring a plumbing system to its knees.

Why Tree Roots have a Dangerous Love Affair with Plumbing

When you think deeply about why roots have a love affair with plumbing, the answer is simple: plumbing pipes are a tree-root mecca. They carry the water that tree roots desperately seek—and as an added bonus offer them instant ‘fertilizer’. They also carry oxygen and nutrients, which are also heat-seeking missiles for tree roots.

Why Tree Roots are Dangerous for your Plumbing
Tree roots may love the water and ‘fertilizer’ in your pipes—your pipes don’t love tree roots. Tree roots can penetrate your plumbing system at one point and then grow like wildfire until they are enmeshed in your entire system. Tree roots not only back up your pipes and cause them to clog easier—they also cause them to burst or break. Having roots in your pipes can lead to slow-flowing drains, at first, and then complete backups and blockages over time.

What to do if you Suspect you have a Tree Root in your Pipes?
You may have noticed slow drainage in your home and/or a ‘gurgling’ sound in your pipes, which when combined with a property that has one large or several small trees on it (that are close to your plumbing piping) can mean root-clogged pipe(s). Should this be the case then you need to contact a professional immediately. If you are simply concerned that your trees’ roots could one day grow into the plumbing then consider a yearly inspection.

If you suspect that your tree roots that have grown into the plumbing then you need to begin by examining the trees on either side of your plumbing pipes, up to 10 feet on either side. Do some research on how big and quickly the roots of that specific type of tree can grow. If you believe that the roots were attracted to the water emitted from a crack in the piping (often caused by pipes freezing in the winter) then you will need to confirm the diagnosis with a camera-pipe inspection from a professional plumber.

Once a professional plumber has confirmed that you indeed have tree roots in your plumbing then you will need to active immediately we have them removed, and then, moving forward, practice preventative maintenance (like replacing large-root-growing trees with slower-root-growth varieties).

Who You Gonna Call?

Who you gonna call? Hayes! We’re the tree-root gurus in Oshawa and surrounding areas.


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