How To Create Your Own Bathroom Spa Retreat

Create Your Own Bathroom Spa Retreat - Haye's Plumbing

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After a long day at work, once the dinner dishes are cleared and those crazy kids are off to bed, if the most relaxing thing you can think of doing to unwind is a glass of wine on the couch, we’ve got a better idea. Why not convert your bathroom into a luxurious retreat? An upgrade here and some finishing touches, it doesn’t take much to turn this perfunctory space into the relaxing bathroom spa  sanctuary of your dreams.

Paint Job
One of the quickest and easiest ways to set the mood of your space is to change the colour. Bright and bold hues don’t encourage the mind to relax, but colours inspired by nature help to calm and soothe your soul. An earthy palette including browns, greys and greens, can give your bathroom that organic, calming feel that spas are so adept at fostering. If your bathroom is on the small side, opt instead for the lighter end of the spectrum, with more neutral colours like beige, light grey or pale green.

Lovely Lighting
Lighting can play a huge role in your ability to calm down. If you can, upgrade a traditional fixture with recessed ceiling lights or attractive wall sconces. If you can’t afford to change the fixtures or if you want multi-purpose lighting (bright for bathroom tasks and lower for relaxation) install a dimmer switch so you can soften your lighting as needed.

Tub Time
There are few better ways to unwind than with a nice, long soak in a whirlpool tub. There’s a little legwork involved before buying a whirlpool tub however, like finding out if your bathroom can accommodate the size. An easier option is installing a deep tub, and many brands are producing soaking tubs that have a smaller footprint to suit those smaller spaces. The traditional Japanese soaking tub is much deeper than the average tub, and allows for you to submerge your entire body from the neck down. Some styles feature built-in seats so you sit comfortably while you enjoy your bath.

Shower Power
When you don’t have the space to install a tub (or even if you do) upgrade your shower with a luxurious massaging shower head. It won’t eat up any extra square footage and you will definitely get your money’s worth if you use it every day.

Superior Storage
One thing you’ll notice about every spa, they’re universally clear of clutter. If you’ve ever felt more productive after cleaning your workspace, this is a concept you should understand. Keep your toiletries and other products well hidden and well organized. Even if you’re adding more storage solutions, this is a great time to rid your space of those products you just never use (try not to feel guilty about it) and free up valuable cabinet and counter space. Organizing any items left on the counter in beautiful jars or containers will give the space a cohesive, well thought out look.

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