Why you should turn off the water in your home during vacation

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You’ve earned it. You can finally say that you have worked long and hard enough to be able to afford that spring break vacation. Instead of dealing with the monotony of your job, along with one of the coldest winters that we’ve had in years, you will now be surrounded by sand, warm weather, and overplayed (yet slightly catchy) music filling the air. Unfortunately, when counting down the days to a time when we can explore a new destination while enjoying some much-needed time to ourselves, we can sometimes forget to ensure that our homes will be safe while we’re gone- such is the case with leaving your water supply on when leaving for an extended period of time.

Why you should turn off the water in your home during vacation

By leaving your water supply on in a vacant home, it can open a literal floodgate of problems- if a pipe suddenly bursts and no one is around to stop it, it can easily flood your home, causing copious amounts of damage. Any major leak can have disastrous, vastly expensive results on a home, especially when no one is around to prevent it from being sealed.

Listed below are some helpful hints and tips for those that are leaving their homes to enjoy a much-needed holiday:

– Turn off the main water valve, drain the water down to the lowest fixture, and open up all of the faucets in your home.

– If there’s a risk that will be below zero degrees outside, it’s recommended to pour non-toxic antifreeze into your traps (u-bends underneath your sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.) to prevent your pipes from freezing up. It’s also a good idea to put some in the bowls and tanks of your toilets.

When it’s so easy to avoid such an unfortunate incident, it’s best to take a precautionary approach and have your water turned off when you’re leaving your home for an extended period of time.

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