Why use Moen in your Bathroom and Kitchen

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Moen products add not only beauty to your home—but value. Between the lifetime warranty to the smart technology they add, they are one of the best (if not the best) faucets and accents on the market. Why are they one of the best? We have a number of reasons why we are utterly in love with the beauty that Moen brings:

1. Lifetime Warranty

The fact that Moen stands behind their products for life says all you need to know in terms of their quality and durability.

2. Resale Home Value
Besides their lifetime warranty, Moen products add value to your home for the beauty and caché that they bring. Moen is a worldwide brand that is instantly recognized as a quality product, and indicates that you have used quality products in your home renovations.

3. Smart Technology

We’ve got smart phones, smart TVs and even smart appliances —and now we have smart faucets and accents. We’d love to go into them all with you here but they are too numerous to explain each one. The list of smart technologies that they offer include: MotionSense, Reflex, Spot Resist Finish, Twist, Halo, ioDIGITAL, Duralast, SecureMount Anchors, M-Pact System Immersion Rainshower Technology, Biomimicry, Pivoting Paperholders, Pause Buttons, WaterSense and Eco-Performance. See—we told you it is long. You can see the explanations for those technologies here <link: http://www.moen.ca/about-moen/smart-innovations>. And these are technologies that you will feel the difference in—and while a faucet won’t change your life it will give you a luxurious feeling, daily.

4. LifeShine

If you’re taking Windex to your faucets and other chrome or stainless-steel appliances almost daily to try and get that shine back, then go Moen. Moen uses LifeShine technology in its chrome that has a beautiful finish that needs little to no polishing. It also has a spot-resistant finish.

5. Shower Shock

By using pressure-balancing shower valves Moen shower faucets are able to prevent ‘shower shock’ by properly balancing hot and cold water.

6. Anti-Drip

Drip…drip…drip. If you’ve ever heard an incessant faucet drip then you know how mind-numbingly irritating they are. If you haven’t—don’t go out and find out, just take our word for it. Moen’s faucets leverage a one-piece washerless cartridge instead of washers, springs and/or discs, which are the most common cause of irritating drips.

The technology, finish, value and lifetime guarantees they offer make Moen a top choice for kitchen and bathroom faucets and accents. If you are unsure about using Moen in your next upgrade, give us a call and we can let you know all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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