Warning signs to clean the drains in your home

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Ask any Oshawa plumbing professionals and they’ll tell you there are things the average DIY’er can tackle like some minor bathroom renovations, while other bigger jobs like changing out the supply lines are better left to the professionals. The homeowner and the plumber work together in some other areas and, that said, here’s a few warning signs the drains need to be cleaned in your home before a large problem develops.

If you’ve noticed one or more of the drains in your home have started to slow down, that’s a good indication there’s a problem developing. Pet hair and even kitchen cooking grease can create a blockage that clogs these lines up, but after materials start to decompose inside the system, you’ll start to notice odours too. You can try to fix the issue yourself with a plunger at this point but if the issue persists, an experienced Oshawa plumbing company will have state-of-the-art video inspection equipment to find something lodged deeper down.

Persistent minor clogs indicate there’s a problem as well. Hair and soap further down past the drains in the washroom can cause a partial blockage over time that will get worse if left untreated. A gurgling sound when water flows down the drain is another good indicator that you might need Oshawa plumber assistance to get things back in good working order.

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