Warning: Water Meter Reading Scams!

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No matter how peaceful or nice our neighbourhood is, you cannot always trust strangers knocking on your door to say who they really are. Yes, it is a scary thought, but it is also a fact. There are many people in this world who prey on trusting and unsuspecting people, cheating them, lying to them, and sometimes even stealing from them. These days, we hear about water meter reading scams more and more. If you haven’t heard about these scams yet, then you better read up and learn more because you certainly do not want to become a victim!



So What is a Water Meter Scam?


Unsurprisingly, this crime comes in some variations, but what seems to be consistent is that most of them involves having a stranger knocking on your door, claiming to be a water reader who has to check something in your house. Seemingly legit reasons would be given, like having to see your water heater tank, needing to use your phone to report a damage, and more. Basically, they would want to gain entry to your home.



Once they are in, of course they expect you not to watch them loosely and trust that they would be out of your view eventually. That is when they pocket any valuable they can find – money, jewelry, and sometimes even credit card statements to use to steal your identity.



Protect Yourself Against Scammers!


The only way you can protect yourself is by being able to better identify if a person is actually working for the local utility company:


  • Ask for identification. An ID is provided to every employee of a utility company. There should be a badge number, a company logo, and a photo. Whenever someone comes to your house for service, request for an ID.
  • Use common sense. Where is your meter located? If the reason given to you is that he needs to check or read your meter, then of course, he should do it outside where the meter is located. This is really a warning that something is amiss.
  • Check for the company vehicle nearby. You can look out the door or windows and check if the company vehicle is parked outside your home or just within a short distance. A legit company vehicle should also have a logo on its doors.
  • Call the utility company. You can do this to verify if they have indeed dispatched someone to perform this task. Do not forget to ask for the name of the person they sent!
  • Do not allow anyone to enter your home if you are alone, especially if you cannot verify his identity. Never trust a stranger.


These days, scams seem to be a part of everyday life. But it does not mean you should let it be a part of yours! Protect yourself in every way! If you want to have your water meter or your water tank checked, you can proactively call Hayes Plumbing to provide you with a professional you can trust.

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