Water Filtration – For Your Health

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Tap water has over 2000 known bacterial contaminants and these contaminants make it to your body each day without you even realizing it. Several studies have exposed the hidden dangers of drinking tap water. As a result, more and more experts are encouraging households to use filtration systems.

Let’s talk about the facts.

According to research, ingestion of tap water (which contains high levels of chlorine) has contributed to colon cancer, bladder cancer, rectal cancer and gastrointestinal diseases. If you have noticed in that you have been having frequent stomachaches, chances are, it’s because of your tap water.

A study has revealed that over 300,000 Canadians are rushed to the hospital annually due to complications and complains stemming from acute stomach bugs. These stomach bugs often lead to extended hospitalization, painful lab tests and even death.

Back in 2000, over 2000 Walkerton residents fell victim to the deadly E.coli virus, seven of those residents died. This was one of the worst outbreak in local history.

Aside from the many dangers they pose, it has also been proven that drinking municipal water has the ability to increase the toxicity in the body, which contributes to a variety of allergy symptoms.

How can you benefit from water filtering systems?

It is shocking to know that something that is so vital to our daily lives can be so dangerous. Fortunately for many, there are sophisticated water filtration systems available in the market. Using a water filtration system has a lot of benefits like:

  • It reduces the risk of contracting gastrointestinal diseases by 33%.
  • Allows the body to regain its natural pH balance.
  • Drinking filtered drinking water helps kids who are still developing their immune system.
  • It also gives you great tasting water!

Some would argue that filtered water does not have the same minerals and nutrients that tap water has, and that is true. What is even truer, however, is that filtered water does not contain a million unknown microorganisms that can potentially put you and your family at risk. Removing these from your system allows your body to regain its natural balance and has one less antibody to fight.

At Hayes Plumbing, we offer water-testing services that help you identify the contaminants present in your tap water and make recommendations on the type of filtration system works best for you. You can also choose to have us install and maintain it for you, for a lot cheaper than you think. Our selection of some of the most sophisticated water filtration systems puts you and your family’s safety first. Go ahead, contact us so we can start giving you and your family safe and good tasting drinking water!




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