Water Heater 101: Awesome Maintenance Tips

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Residential water heaters can definitely give you that great deal of comfort no matter what the season is. This is why it is important to commit to a comprehensive maintenance regimen if you want to ensure that your water heater will perform efficiently. When you understand how the technology of water heater works and once you have adopted these expert maintenance tips, then you can certainly save a significant amount of money on your home heating costs.


So, what should you do to make sure your water heaters are well-maintained? Here they are:


#01. Drain your tank several times a year.

Debris and sediment can settle within your water heater. When this happens, your water heater might not reach its optimal energy efficiency levels. This is why it is essential that you drain your equipment a few times a year to make sure that any contaminants are removed. When draining your system, turn off the cold water supply, hook up a garden hose the drain valve, and then run water into a bucket until the running water becomes clear.


#02. Maintain the thermostat at 120 degrees Celsius.

What is the optimal water heater temperature? 120 degrees Celsius. Make sure that you maintain your system at this temperature. It can significantly help you save a large amount in terms of energy costs. It will also help reduce the inherent safety risks of having scalding hot water within your property.


#03. Insulate older units.

If you have one of those older systems that diminish in capacity over time, you still might be able to recuperate them by having your system insulated with a fiberglass jacket. The fiberglass jacket helps retain heating efficiency as well as maximizes your system’s performance for many years to come.


#04. Test the temperature-pressure relief valve annually.

A water heater’s temperature-pressure relief valve is created to protect the system from having excess temperatures and pressures. Having a buildup of deposits on the valve seats can only cause the system to malfunction. This is why it is essential to test the temperature-pressure relief valve annually and this can be done by quickly discharging it twice or thrice a year.


#05. Consult the experts of Hayes Plumbing.

Never ignore small errors found within your water heater. Whether it is a small leak or even a slight drop in heating performance, these minor errors can be indicative of more dangerous issues within your home. Contact one of our professionals directly if you are having any troubles with your water heater.

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