What are the common causes of toilet problems?

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When it comes to the common causes of toilet repair problems—there are a few worst offenders. These menacing toilet-clogging, bathroom-leaking, noisy issues prey on the vulnerability of your bathroom’s highest-traffic area, your toilet—an element that literally gets sat on multiple times a day.

What are the Common Causes of Toilet Repair Problems?

Drum roll please…the most common causes of toilet problems, and therefore every homeowners nightmare are:

Funny Foreign Objects

You’d never believe what people (mainly kids!) put down toilets. We’ve seen it all—from keys to phones to Barbie accessories and can attest to how easily—and often—foreign objects cause toilet clogs.

Played-Out Parts

Parts don’t last forever, especially toilet flappers, overflow tubes, gaskets, seals and wax rings. Worn parts lead to leaks, ‘hissing’ and the dreaded eternal flush. If you’re experiencing any of those issues you will want to give your toilet flappers, overflow tubes, gaskets, seals and wax rings the evil eye.

Mineral Amassment

Minerals, while being part of the building blocks of life, are plumbing’s achilles heel. Double so if you have hard water. Mineral build up restricts water flow and causes blockages which leads to the toilet bowl emptying and filling slower than usual.

Phantom Flushes

The ‘eternal flush’ and ‘phantom flushes’ are surprise, unintentional flushes—and a common form of toilet leaking. This toilet leaking causes higher water bills and excessive washroom noise. The most common causes of phantom and eternal flushes are a damaged toilet flapper—and happily, it is the easiest toilet repair to complete.

Odious Overflows

If you’ve ever had a toilet bowl overflow then you know exactly how odious it is. Overflows are generally caused by clogs, or a combination of clog/mineral build up.

The Trembling Toilet

Trembling toilets happen when a toilet is uneven, causing it to rock (and not in the Aerosmith sentiment). The most common cause for an uneven toilet is simple: the bolts securing it to the ground have likely come lose. If the bolts are securely in place and it is still a-rockin’ then you may have an uneven or sagging floor issue.

Cistern Spillover

If your floater is floating you can get cistern spillover where you tank overflows. If this happens you will simply need to fix the floater.

If you’re experiencing any of the above common causes of toilet problems and don’t have the parts—or know-how—to fix it yourself, then call the pros at Hayes Plumbing.

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