What are the job duties of a plumber?

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Fun plumbing fact: did you know that the term ‘plumber’ comes from the Latin for for lead,  ‘plumbum’?

If you’ve ever wondered what the job duties of a plumber are—then you’ve come to the right place. A plumber is a qualified and licensed (well, they should be licensed) who installs and maintains water, sewage and drainage systems. Their job duties include:


They assemble piping sections, remove and replace worn piping and install tubing and fittings.

Parts, Joiners and Services

When installing piping and tubing they use couplings, clamps, screws, bolts, plastic cement solvent, caulk, and also solder, braze and use welding equipment when necessary.

Leak Detection

They employ water and air pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks in pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Adhere to Codes

When installing new plumbing systems they adhere to building codes and other specs by examining blueprints and then design and install systems around existing buildings and piping.

Prepare Estimates

As a tradesperson plumbers must negotiate and prepare written estimates for potential clients. 

Maintain Records

In addition to preparing estimates they must also file them, along with records of all assignments and detailed work reports.

Maintain Licensing

Plumbers must be licensed professionals in order to work, and they must maintain that licensing throughout their career.

Maintain Insurance

Every plumber in Canada is required to be properly insured, should errors occurs while administering to a home’s plumbing system(s).

Installation and Maintenance

Plumbers are trained in the building, installation and maintenance of all water supply, sewage, waste, drainage, septic and hot-water systems.


Plumbers may be called to fit domestic kitchen appliances that use water systems, like dishwashers and fridges with ice machines.

Emergency Services

The bulk of plumbers’ work revolves around emergency repair services. These may be offered around-the-clock or during regular business hours.

If you’re considering entering the exciting world of plumbing—kudos. It’s tough work but somebody’s got to do it. If you’re hiring a plumber and wanted to know exactly what plumbers are and aren’t responsible for—then just give Hayes a call, we can let you know all the professional services available by licensed plumbers like ourselves. And if we can’t help—we’ll refer you to someone who can!

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