What to Do When You Spot a Leak

Worried Man Calling Plumber While Leakage Water Falling Into Bucket At Home

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Some homeowners, especially new ones, lack the knowledge of how to deal with simple leaks in their plumbing. You do not need to be an expert at plumbing, but knowing the basics can go a long way, especially when it comes to leaks. Equipping yourself with the knowledge in plumbing can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and labour by preventing further damage to your plumbing system. Let us give you information on how to deal with these common plumbing leaks in case you encounter them.


If there is a leak under your sink and you neglect to deal with it, it can cause a lot of damage eventually. However, they are fairly easy to spot and repair as well. If you ever noticed that your cabinet or floor are soaked in water, that is a strong indication that there is a leak under the sink. For a slip joint leak, what you need to do first is tighten the slip nut. For a leak from the basket strainer, tighten the ring nut under your sink. If you have a leaky shower faucet, this could cost you money on your water bill.


Basically, what you need to do is make sure that you turn the faucet as far as it can go. If the leak still persists, the handle may be the problem. Turn off the water valves first. Afterwards, remove the faucet handle. This is the handle that is used to turn your shower on and off. Pry off the handle cap which is located at the outside tip of the handle with a pocket knife. This should expose the internal handle screw. Unscrew the handle and remove the faucet handle. After doing this, you should see the cartridge. A cartridge is a large ring that is adjacent to the wall. You should remove the cartridge and install a new one. A cartridge can be bought in every hardware store and is very common. Screw in the new cartridge the same way you took the old cartridge off. This should fix your leaky shower faucet.


Now, safety is always a priority. If there is a leak in the basement and there are electrical wires present, that could definitely be more problematic. Be sure to turn the power off before working on the leak. This rule can also be applied in under-floor subareas.


For other plumbing issues that you have at hand, give us a call today and let the experts in plumbing help you out!

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