So… What’s in Your Tap Water?

Wassertropfen aus dem Wasserhahn, Nahmaufnahme mit Makro

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Did you know that there may be over 2000 types of toxic chemicals in your tap water? Yes, you have read right. That is enough reason to make sure you own and use a water purification system. That is the only way you can be sure that the tap water you are using is healthy and safe to drink.


Where are those chemicals coming from?


They get mixed up with your tap water from a variety of sources. For one, pollution can easily be a way for these chemicals to find your tap water supply. Another is when the public water systems add the chemicals. One of the most common chemicals found in tap water is chlorine. It’s because this chemical is used to treat all public water supplies. What it does is remove or kill bacteria that could possibly be living in the water. This treatment will help keep you from getting ill.


There are Health Risks


Yes, the chemicals are be added to purify your tap water so you can use it for cooking and of course drinking. That does not mean there are no health risks. In fact, that chlorine added to your water is also adding poisonous. Over a period of time, the small doses of chlorine that have accumulated in your body can possibly increase the risk of getting cancer and other health conditions including heart disease.


Sadly, chlorine is not the only chemical you are exposed to through your tap water. There are pesticides, fertilizers, and more that are in your drinking water. These impurities are linked to birth defects. Despite this, chemicals are still used to purify drinking water because they can kill the parasites that could be living in it. Unfortunately, some experts found that these parasites are now becoming immune to the chemical treatments and survive their purification treatments.


Common Chemicals and Contaminants Found in Tap Water


  1. Chlorine – this chemical has been linked to bladder, rectal, and breast cancers. It is also said to cause asthma.
  2. Giardia and Cryptosporidium – these are types of protozoa that are to blame for countless outbreaks of gastro-intestinal diseases. They find their way into your water system every time there is a sanitation breakdown.
  3. Lead – it enters tap water when you have corroded pipes. This can highly affect both pregnant women and children. Lead poisoning has long been proven to cause various learning disorders and developmental delays.


A lot of people simply turn to bottled water instead of drinking tap water at home. While this makes sense at first, you need to consider the high cost of having to buy bottled water all the time. Also, they often come in plastic containers which also have chemicals.


The best course of action is to have a water purification system installed at home. This can greatly help in removing toxins from your tap water, leaving you with clean water that is safe for your family. Call Hayes Plumbing to find out what purification system is right for you.



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