What’s the best way to redecorate a bathroom?

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It is hard to choose from all the bathroom renovation ideas out there—just ask any confused man in the bathroom department of Home Depot—but there are a number of BEST bathroom renovation ideas. And we’ve put them all together below (so men, you can stop circling the bathroom aisle at The Depot):

Choose Calm Colours

While you may be an ‘orchid orange’ or ‘cerulean blue’ personality, bright colours are distracting in a bathroom—and it can make it look smaller than it is. So unless you’re redecorating Donald Trump’s washroom then go with a slightly subdued colour scheme, using neutral and pastel tones.

Create a Lighting Concept

To go with your mood-inspiring calm-colour scheme you’ll want to select lighting that gives a warm but bright appearance. Think recessed lighting, stylish lamp-style lighting or natural lighting like skylights.

Size up your Space

If you have a small bathroom you will want to choose your sink and bathtub with size in mind. Pedestal sinks open up the space perfectly, and the missing under-counter storage space can be replaced with a cute shelf or baskets.

Make it with Mirrors

Another helpful tips for those of us with less-than-large bathrooms (which is most of us) is to open the space up with large and/or stylish mirrors.

Select a Standout Feature

One of the most common mistakes bathroom redecorators make is trying to do too much. Instead of choosing multiple standout features, like large fixtures, chandelier and a clawfoot tub (once again you’re not decorating Trump’s abode)—choose one elegant stand-out feature to be your focal point.


Stylize your washroom by eliminating the majority of your accessories. While accessories and knickknacks, like decorative soaps and toilet-paper covers, can be practical and/or cute they will only draw away from the theme and design you’ve come up with.

Commit to Crown Mouldings

Crown mouldings are extremely popular throughout homes and that rings true for bathrooms too. Crown mouldings can heighten the look of your walls while giving it a regal look.

When choosing your bathroom renovation ideas, be sure to keep your budget in mind (preferably while still in the pre-purchasing planning phase). Another thing to keep in mind is if your redecoration will require assistance from a plumber. Plumbing-altering decorations include changes to the toilet, tub, sink and any water-using technology. If you will be altering your plumbing call Hayes today to get an estimate that will help keep you on budget.

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