The 4 Plumbing Supplies EVERY Homeowner Needs to have On-Hand

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What do you really need to have on-hand during a plumbing-related crisis?

There are many significant things that you should know about your home, such as where your main water shut-off valve is located, as it is necessary to access this in case of a leak, or if you are repairing one of your sinks. However, if you want to actually be able to swiftly do any repairs, these four plumbing supplies are necessary.

The 4 Plumbing Supplies EVERY Homeowner Needs to have On-Hand

Listed below are just some of the essential plumbing-related supplies that can truly benefit a homeowner in a wide variety of different situations:

Adjustable wrenches (pipe and crescent wrenches): Crescent wrenches are used to adjust plumbing fixtures and bolts. Pipe wrenches allow you to do what  their name implies- grip round pipes, while providing users with a helpful amount of leverage.

Toilet plunger: A plunger is definitely one of the most useful items that a homeowner can have. Toilets can get clogged fairly easily, and without the assistance of a plunger, there’s not much you can do to stop it from overflowing, causing potential carpet and floor damage. Thankfully, a plunger can help you prevent that from happening!

Teflon tape: This handy roll of thin, white tape is very affordable, and when used, can help prevent leaks by effectively sealing pipe thread connections, such as threaded water line connections and shower heads.

Sink auger: A sink auger is one of the most valuable tools that a homeowner can have. Also known as a drum auger or canister auger, it’s an efficient and easy to use tool that can help you quickly break up clogs in sinks and bath tubs.

It is not recommended to try and fix a plumbing-related issue without any prior experience. If you have any questions, or need the assistance of a professional, then contact the experts at Hayes Plumbing- one of the Durham Region’s most trusted and experienced plumbing companies! You can call them at 905-576-3043, send them an email, or check out their website at!

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