Water Filtration

Water Quality

There are a lot of people who are still quite unaware of the quality of water they get directly from their faucets. Not only can the water be poor tasting and/or a little off-coloured, but can also be potentially dangerous to their health. Some, on the other hand, drink only bottled water, thinking they are keeping themselves safe from contaminants when they are still potentially exposed to undesirable water quality when they cook or even when they take a shower or bath.

Why should you get filtered water for your home or business?

First and foremost, a really good filtration system can remove contaminants that may include arsenic, aluminum, fluoride, and some disinfection by-products. Some of these have been linked to different kinds of diseases like Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, skin problems, cancer, and more.

Aside from being essential to your health, (as water filters are your last line of defense from about 2,000 toxins that may not be eliminated by the municipality) filtered water is also great for the environment. This is of course because having a filtration system means you do not have to buy bottled water for your home or business facility.

Some people think they cannot afford to have a water filtration system, when in fact it can offer great value. Hayes Plumbing can install and maintain inexpensive water treatments for you. We specialize in the sale, installation, and repair of some of the top water treatment products offered by the industry. You’d be glad to know that we also make financing and rental of our products available to our clients, too.

Because we also perform water testing, we can determine what type of products would perfectly meet your specific needs. As with our other services, we always ensure your satisfaction. There is no reason for you to put your family or employees at risk by allowing them to drink untreated/unfiltered water. Give Hayes Plumbing a call and we’d be very happy to have a reliable filtration system installed where you want it!

We want you to get back to your regular use of your faucet and other plumbing fixtures! Give Hayes Plumbing a call for any plumbing problem!

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The men came to fix our clogged kitchen sink and they were very good.They worked efficiently and were friendly. I would have them again. They were reasonable and I would recommend them.

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