Home Plumbing Preventative Measures You Should Know

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Averting many of the common plumbing problems which you might encounter in your home can be done by one simple key factor—preventative maintenance. Most homeowners consider plumbing maintenance to be another tedious job or simply a waste of time and money. But virtually every homeowner having a plumbing issue would not agree with this! By spending a few dollars during the entire year on preventative maintenance, you can prevent expensive repairs and replacements in the future later on. What measures will you take to avert dreaded emergency calls in the middle of the night?


Frequent Water Heater Issues

Water heaters, particularly home property heaters, should continue well over a few years with appropriate care and plumbing maintenance. Your water heater is one of the most essential components of your home. It is used each day to warm the water coming out of your shower every morning and also assists in cleaning the dinner dishes every evening. As it is such an essential part of your plumbing, you need to ensure that you inspect your water heater at least once every month for possible issues. Lowering the temperature’s level to 115 degrees should help to prevent overheating issues.

Moreover, it is recommended to run a monthly review to be certain that everything is in perfect shape. Examine the temperature and strain shown on the appliance in case you are not able to hear any unnecessary noises. This may indicate that water isn’t being properly discharged into the drain tube. If this can’t be mended, your own water heater might have to be replaced completely.


Enhance Hoses and Fixtures

You could be preparing yourself up for potential plumbing issues in your home if you are still using rubber hoses. Metal hoses are more reliable and should replace rubber hoses. In addition, replacing any hosing on waterline raisers, pipes, and valves is also essential. Since most modern houses today are typically built under different code and plumbing requirements, they also have more complicated plumbing.


Just Moved to a New Home?

If you just recently moved into either a new or old house and is searching for any plumbing issues, begin with assessing the walls, floors, and ceilings. If there are any visible cracks present on the ceiling, then that’s nearly always an indication of water or concentrated trapped moisture. If you see this in your house abruptly, troubleshoot by substituting old rubber hoses with new models made from copper or stainless steel. Metal hoses are stronger and can last around 15 years before they should get replaced.


We Can Help Prevent Plumbing Problems

Hayes Plumbing has trained experts that are fully licensed, secured, and insured along with our unparalleled service. We are sure to assist you in your everyday plumbing needs and event prevent future plumbing issues. Give us a call or contact us online to obtain additional information on how our professional plumbers can provide you with the help that you need today!

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