Are Smart Toilets for You?

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Are you having a house built or just considering a bathroom remodel? Either way, you might want to take a look at smart toilets. If you think they sound a bit high end, it is because, well, they are. These super cool and extra techy toilets can make your life really easier.


Of course, not all smart toilets are created equal. But most of them share the same basic features, and that’s what you’re going to read about here:


Flush from the Future

Okay, so like you probably guessed, it is sensor-activated. No touch whatsoever needed.  It comes in two types: the one that senses when you move away and the one that requires you to wave a hand, like you’re saying “Bye, I am leaving. Flush now.”


If you have kids or housemates who perpetually forget to flush, then you’d definitely want the first type. Another perk of this flush from the future? No germs will be transferred by hand like it does with the usual flush.



Environmentally Beneficial?

The question mark is intentional. Why? Smart toilets do save water because they sense how much water is necessary and adjusts the amount to be flushed. So you’ll be conserving water there, and that’s definitely good. On the other hand, being such a technological masterpiece, you can expect that it requires power. For that, there are two options: opt for battery-operated or choose to be connected to your home’s wiring system. It’s basically just a question of whether you’d rather replace batteries or be ready for some electrical repairs in the future.



Overflow Protection, Guaranteed

One of the things that you have to look for in a toilet, smart or not, is the assurance that it does not overflow. Now there are smart toilets that actually stops you from flushing if the toilet is clogged in some way. This keeps the water levels low in the bowl.


These are only some of the basic features of smart toilets. Others, which are like the flagship units also offer features like heated seating, foot warmer, self-cleaning features, massaging bidet, air dryer, night light, automatic deodorizer, Bluetooth and MP3 features ( because you need music there), slow closing lid, emergency flush for power outages, and more.


Of course, you know that these smart toilets come in a price that wold probably let you remodel three or five bathrooms! But whether you would be considering this investment or shrugging it off, what’s important is that you know they exist.

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