Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

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By giving their bathroom renovation the ideal foundation, homeowners can prevent many of the additional costs and time delays that can cause a project to lose its appeal. It takes time to create this ideal foundation. But in this blog, we’ll take a look at the elements homeowners require to get their bathroom renovation project on the right foot. Here are the items that should be on your bathroom renovation checklist.


An Itemized Budget

For homeowners, their renovation budget should include the projected amount for the project and the amount they hope to spend as part of the process. To create a practical budget, it’s important to figure out how much you can spend according to your current resources, and then subtract the projected labour costs. This will give you your budget for tiles, fixtures and additional renovation work.


Select a Contractor

Within a few months of beginning the prospective work, you can select the contractor who will lead the renovation process. As part of this selection work, you should review references and review estimates carefully to ensure the estimates fall in-line with your starting budget. When selecting a contractor, it’s important to ensure they provide a firm start and end-date for the project. This will help when making alternative arrangements when the work is being completed.


Analyze Building Codes

While the contractor should be able to detail the building codes within the region, it is important to research building codes carefully. Building codes could change the type of plumbing and electrical systems available within a bathroom upgrade project. In addition, fire codes will have to be considered in the placement and sizing of windows.


Potential Problems

When creating a bathroom renovation checklist, it’s important to consider the potential issues that might arise during the project. Giving thought to problems such as a lack of resources and project delays can help you make effective alternative arrangements and help reduce the stress of the entire process for everyone within the home.


Post Project Cleaning Work

Depending on the contractor chosen for the project, you might have to select a specialist cleaning company for the post project clean-up work. Oftentimes, contractors have a cleaning company they work with to help expertly clean cabinetry, walls and fixtures ready for use.


By planning each part of their bathroom renovation project weeks in advance, homeowners can avoid many of the delays and additional costs that detract from the project’s value. Speak with our trusted renovation experts today to learn more on cost-effective and efficient bathroom renovation work.

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