Best Tile Designs For Small Bathrooms

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When it comes to renovating a small bathroom, many homeowners are left scratching their heads wondering how they can turn a potentially claustrophobic space into the relaxing oasis they desire.

Large, medium, small, dark, checkered … how do you pick? Too large a size can dwarf your space, but too small can make it seem busy and crowded. How do you know what tile designs are right for you? Use the following list as a general guideline when thinking about styles to compliment your new bathroom:

Size Matters

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, a large tile can help open up a room, though we would consider the right style the exception and not the rule. In general, large tiles in a small space have the effect of dwarfing the room, and you don’t want guests to be so distracted by your flooring that they miss all the other wonderful accents you’ve added in your upgrade.

Another important note, if the spacing between your toilet, tub, vanity, etc., is tight, small tiles may be a better option, especially since installing them is more precise, and they’ll require less cutting to fit.

Play With Your Angles

While laying your tiles parallel to the wall can help the rooms overall flow, you might be surprised to know that a diagonal pattern will actually help open up your space. Diagonal tile plays a trick on the eye, making the room seem larger than it is.

Creative Colours

It may be tempting to go bold in your bathroom, but the rule of thumb for your small space is the lighter the better. Light colours create a greater feeling of space by reflecting more light than their darker counterparts, which can help give the room an airy, spacious feel.

Using the same or similar colour wall tiles on the floor can also give the illusion of space, an effect that is enhanced when you use the same or similar colour of grout.

Stop At The Top

Though your contractor may be tempted to stop tiling before they reach the ceiling, tiling all the way up is another great way to make your space feel more spacious. Fewer transitions and less contrast means there’s less for the eye to stop on, which can make the room feel more expansive overall.

A Note About Grout

Be careful with those seams! Prominent seaming and grout lines that highly contrast with the tile can and will make your space feel heavy and cluttered. Ask your contractor to place the tiles as close together as possible, and, as mentioned above, use a grout that doesn’t stand out, or is as close in colour to the tile as you can get it.

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