Your Guide to Summer Plumbing Maintenance

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With the warmer weather now here, homeowners across Ontario must remain vigilant in protecting their home plumbing systems this summer season. Summer brings with it a new series of plumbing problems to be on guard for, and so within this post, the team here at Hayes Plumbing will examine several summer plumbing maintenance tasks.
Complete Regulation Inspections of Your Sprinkler Systems
Your sprinkler system produces large amounts of water during use. For those with a wide expanse of grass to water using this summer, it’s imperative that their sprinklers are inspected on a regular basis to check for leaks and other systems problems. Small leaks within the sprinkler system can often go undetected, and so this continual vigilance can ensure that any problems are spotted and quickly resolved.
Check Washing Machine Hoses for Bulges and Cracks
With all members of the family spending more time playing outside during the summer, the use of washing machines and dryer systems increases significantly. This can put pressure on the washing machine hoses, which can quickly develop problems due to over use. It’s important that any rubber hoses, which are more prone to cracking and busting, are replaced by stainless steel washing machine hoses. This will help protect the system and work to prevent leaks.
Analyze Outside Gas Lines
We all love outdoor barbeques during the summer. But it is important to retain optimal outdoor safety when firing up the system. Homeowners should always check the area close to their gas line for signs of potential leaks. These signs could include strange odours coming from the system and problems starting the barbeque. Those that suspect a significant issue with their outdoor gas lines should call a specialist as soon as possible to protect against potential injury or property damage.
By analyzing your home plumbing maintenance needs this summer season, you can protect your property against many of the structural issues encountered by others across the region. Effective analysis can help save you thousands of dollars in home plumbing repair work! To learn more on crafting a highly effective plumbing systems maintenance regimen, contact our trusted team directly today!

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