How to Keep your Bathroom in Tiptop Shape

Woman doing chores in bathroom, cleaning tap

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The first step to keeping your bathroom in its best shape and avoiding some plumbing problems is giving it a thorough cleaning regularly. Most people hate cleaning bathrooms probably because of how some movies and tv shows portray this task. In reality however, keeping your bathroom in its tip top shape is not that different from cleaning other parts of your house.


To keep it thorough, simple, and quick, here are some tips that you can follow:


  1. Before you start cleaning the rest of the room, you can squeeze some cleaner in brush and give your toilet a good brushing. When you’re done, do not flush it yet and let the solution sit for a few minutes. To drain your brush, you can prop it under the toilet seat.


  1. After flushing your toilet, spray it (as well as the brush) with a disinfectant solution from top to bottom. You can use commercially-bought or homemade solutions like water and vinegar in a spray bottle. This is an effective, not to mention cheap deodorizer too. Let sit.




  1. Move on to the other parts of your bathroom. With the same solution, disinfect your sinks, faucets, and counters. Like what you did with the toilet, let it sit for a while for the disinfectant to work.


  1. Your bathroom mirror is next. Spray it with your solution, and afterwards using a clean microfiber cloth, wash it well. It is okay to leave it wet while you wipe and rinse your countertops and sinks. If you are using regular cloth, try to switch to a microfiber one to see the difference it can make!



  1. Wring your microfiber rag out. Wipe the excess water from all the surfaces. You can begin with the mirror and the sink. Once you are done, you can buff a shine with some paper towels! Again, you should start with your mirror when you do this.



  1. You can return to the toilet. Using some toilet paper, check it to see if there is anything that deserves to be dropped back in the bowl. With the damp paper towels you used do for the mirrors and sinks, wipe the toilet from the tank lid going down. Flush the toilet, but the towels of course should be dropped in the trash can.



  1. Do not forget your floor tiles and grout! Depending on how you use your bathroom, you can do this particular task weekly or bi-weekly to be sure that there is no buildup of dirt on your floor. Whenever you do this, take the chance to check the fixtures in your bathroom too to be sure everything is working fine.


  1. You can keep an old towel in the bathroom for the sole purpose of wiping down surfaces after a shower. In about 30 seconds, drying the walls can help avoid the buildup of dirt, soap scums, and other debris.

There you go. We hope these simple tips can help you keep your bathroom in its best form!


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