Water Filtration: How Often Should I Change My Filter?

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When we install our professional-grade home water filtration systems we’re always asked the same, inevitable question—how often should I change my filter?

We love this question.

Why do we love it? Because people are pre-planning their water filtration needs—and we’re head over heels for clean water. It’s a geeky answer but it’s true. Another thing we love about this question is that the answer is different every time. But to help you determine what is the right filter-changing schedule for your family and household, here are our best tips…

Water Filtration: How Often Should I Change My Filter?

We’re glad that you’re keen on clean water. Changing your water filter regularly will help you get the most out of your water-filtration investment—while ensuring you avoid harmful bacteria, chemicals, soap scum and other effects of unfiltered water. So, how often should you change your filter?

  • This question depends on a number of things…

  • Your family/household’s water consumption
  • The type/brand of water filtration system
  • The amount of sediment and other elements that need filtering in your water

So—our answer to how often should I change my filter, is that it depends. This somewhat infuriating answer truly is dependant on your water quality and your water usage. For example, a family that uses filtered water to wash dishes and shower, in addition to drinking will need to change their filter more than a family that only uses it for drinking. And a household with hard water with medium sediment will need to change their filter significantly more often than a low-sediment, soft-water household.

Our General Rule of Thumb 

You are likely looking for a hard and fast rule about when to change your water filtration filter. We are hesitant to do that as it truly is unique depending on your needs—but, here it is. Standard water-filtration systems filters’ need to be changed at LEAST once a year. Note, that this is the best-case scenario. Other filtration systems, like some high-quality reverse-osmosis membrane systems however can last a couple of years at minimum usage.

Having said all that though, you need to look at your system’s documentation in order to understand when filters need to be changed—because they’re all different. Also, many systems have multiple types of filters, and they may need changing on different time cycles.

So—Now What?

If you’re still wondering when to change your filters—or you haven’t installed one yet and are wondering what installation and yearly filters will cost….simply give Hayes a call. It’s what we do!

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