What’s Involved in the Drain Cleaning Process?

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If your home has a clogged or slow moving drain system, it might be time to consider professional drain cleaning services. It’s important to work with professionals to ensure that the drains are not damaged during the cleaning work, and to ensure each element of the job is completed to the highest of levels. But what’s involved in the professional drain cleaning process? In this blog, we’ll reveal the professional drain cleaning techniques.

Professionals Analyze Areas Underneath the Home

One of the advantages professional plumbers have over DIY options is that plumbers can quickly analyze a drain problem that begins underneath the home. Plumbers use a range of innovative technology such as sensors to determine where the clog within the home system begins. They can also use video-based pipe inspection processes to ensure that there is no damage within the pipes that could be causing the blockage.

Professionals Use Motorized Systems to Unclog Drains

While hand-crank snake products are widely available to consumers, professionals often use motorized snake systems that not only get to the blockage more quickly, but also have the power to truly ensure that the blockage has been completely removed from the system. Without this equipment, homeowners have no guarantee that the blockage won’t reappear in a short time, potentially causing them to spend more time analyzing and resolving the issue. It’s one of the leading reasons to call plumbers when persistent drain clogging occurs.

Professionals Will Fix Piping and Offer Advice on Future Maintenance

For those drain clogging events that have caused swelled or cracked piping, plumbers can offer fast and effective repair work. Once the clog has been removed and the pipe system has been analyzed and repaired, the plumber can recommend maintenance products that should be used in the event a clog begins in the near future. This advice could be crucial in reducing the cost of future work and limiting the impact of future clogs on the home.

By turning to professionals to ensure drains are cleaned effectively, you can minimize your future repair requirements and ensure each element of the home’s piping is safe and secure for the long-term. Speak with our team today to ensure that your home drains are fixed effectively! 

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