4 Outdoor Plumbing Tips for Spring

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It’s the time of the year in which we’re all excited to go outside and spend some much-needed outdoors time with family and friends after the bleak winter. But it might be worth spending a little time at home, despite the bright sunshine beaming in through the windows. Your home plumbing system needs your attention at this time of year and in this blog, we’ll provide four tips to help guide you in readying your plumbing for the warm season ahead.

1. Call a Professional for a Complete Leak Inspection

If it has been at least a year since your last home plumbing inspection, it is now the ideal time to begin professional analysis. A professional can help conduct a thorough review of your property and quickly locate problems that wouldn’t be obvious to those without the required experience. With temperatures rising again, any leaks from cracked pipes will only become more costly and more time-consuming to resolve as time passes.

2. Examine Performance of Faucets

A simple dripping faucet can add thousands of dollars to your home’s annual water bill. And with the additional moisture now in your home’s system, this issue will only become a bigger and more costly problem in time. If your faucets are dripping consistently, the problem could be as simple as a worn washer within the faucet system. It’s the ideal time to begin faucet maintenance work.

3. Review Outside Plumbing Systems

The rain is on its way and you’ll soon notice leaks within your home’s exterior plumbing if you don’t analyse the issue ahead of the coming storms. Check outside hose bibs for leaks that have developed over winter and analyze your home’s guttering system for potential blockages that could prevent optimal water flow. Cleaning guttering and downspouts could be a simple weekend job that prevents structural damage to your property in the coming months.

4. Consider the Installation of a Back Water Valve in Floor Drains

In some areas prone to floods, the installation of a back water valve in a home’s basement floor drains can offer an exceptional mechanism to protect the property. You might wish to speak with a specialist about this issue to ensure you’re ready for the worst of the spring weather this year.

Through proactive maintenance and working with experienced plumbers, homeowners can protect their property this springtime. To learn more spring plumbing maintenance tips, contact our expert team directly!


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