3 Considerations when Renovating a Condo Bathroom Space

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Renovating your condo unit can be a great way to improve its value on the current market. And upgraded bathrooms hold their value especially well. Condo buyers are searching for that new and durable appeal within their property’s bathroom space and sellers can help maximize their returns with quality renovation work. However, renovating a home condo can involve different considerations than updating a house. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight three unique considerations when renovating a condo bathroom space.

1. Consider the Condo Board Rules and Regulations

Condo board rules and regulations tend to add to the complexity of the upgrade process. Upgrading a condo unit may have an impact on other condo units within the building and so property managers often have comprehensive rules regarding what actions can and cannot be taken during the renovation process. For example, if the bathroom space is connected structurally to another condo owner’s walls, there might be plumbing that cannot be altered. Check with your condo board’s regulations before proceeding and ensure that all potential work is overseen by a certified plumber. This can help protect your liability in case a potential plumbing issue arises during the upgrade process.

2. Consider Replacing Older Bathtubs

In generations past, sprawling bathtubs were an essential home addition, but they are widely considered a relic of a long-gone era. This is especially true within condos, where every square foot counts toward optimal and practical spatial value. The first change to consider within any bathroom renovation is the removal of the bathtub and the integration of a modern walk-in shower system. Luxury shower features can also add significant value to the property as part of a comprehensive renovation process. Consider, for example, walk-in showers with large glass panels to create an open appeal to the bathroom environment.

3. Emphasize Lighting

The small size of the traditional condo bathroom space means that homeowners must achieve optimal lighting. Lighting can play a significant difference in highlighting all areas of the bathroom but selecting the right style of lighting is important. Within the bathroom area, bright lighting should only be utilized to frame mirrors and other important features. Ceiling lights should have a dimmer option to ensure a customized bathroom lighting experience.  Condo owners might also consider adding a small window to their bathroom space to bring in natural light.

Choose carefully when upgrading your condo in the coming months. There might be options that seem ideal at first but then cause lasting issues later in the process. Speak with our expert renovation team directly to discover the latest trends in condo bathroom design.


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