How to Make Effective use of Available Space in Your Bathroom

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Millions of property owners are now buying smaller homes as property prices rise across the country. While space within starter properties might be smaller, there’s no reason that your ownership dreams should be modified. With the right tools and a commitment to property design, you can ensure you make effective use of all available space within your home, and live a life of modern comfort. Within this blog, we’ll review the steps you can take to make effective use of the available space in your bathroom.

Consider the Vertical Points of the Room

One element that is often dismissed when re-designing a bathroom area is the vertical space within the room. There are many points on the walls that are vacant and can be utilized for effective storage. Usually, the space above the door is the most obvious empty place to install new shelving. Placing toilet paper and cleaning equipment on this shelving can help free-up the space closer to the floor and below the sink area.

Choose Larger Tiles over Busy Patterns

Larger floor tiles can create the feeling of elongated space within the bathroom area. Smaller bathroom spaces can be made to feel even more cramped by the use of busy tile patterns that detract from the stylish elements within the room. Using simple, larger tiles can ensure that the floor appears as one clear area rather than a cluttered space. This design technique can also help improve the value of the property significantly when considering a future sale.

Minimize Floor Space Obstructions

While they might perform an important function within the home, the bathroom scales can be moved to the bedroom to provide optimal floor area space for movement. Likewise, you might consider housing trash cans and toilet brushes underneath a sink to further improve the available floor space. This will make it easier to get in and out of the shower and to move around the bathroom space while getting ready for work in the morning.

The typical bathroom space within the modern family home can feel overwhelmingly small. But the use of simple design techniques can help open the room and create a space of premium functional and aesthetic value. To learn more on bathroom design techniques, speak with our trusted industry specialists directly today!

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