Is Your Water Heater Reaching Maximum Efficiency?

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Water heating is considered the second largest energy expense within the average North American home. After heating and cooling, water heating accounts for around 18% of your home’s total energy costs. This means that achieving high level water heater efficiency should be a leading consideration. However, many homeowners find it difficult to improve the efficiency of their existing systems. And so within this blog, we’ll outline several techniques for achieving water heating efficiency.

Drain the Heater Regularly to Remove Sediment

Sediment build-up within your water heater can significantly impact its performance over time. It will impede heat transfer and therefore lower the efficiency of the system. This sediment consists of tiny fragments of piping that have been worn down over time, and it usually settles within the bottom of the heater during times of peak flow. To ensure sediment is removed from the system, drain the heater every three months.

Use Insulation to Help Improve Heat Transfer

Insulting hot water storage tanks is a great way to maintain the heat of the water and protect against environment-related heat loss. You might also consider insulating the first six feet of piping attached to the hot water tank also, to further prevent heat loss. It’s important to speak directly with a specialist when considering insulation options as you may make a mistake during the installation by covering burners or thermostats. Professionals should have experience working with your brand of water heater.

Begin Shopping for a New System If Your Heater is Over 7 Years Old

The vast majority of water heaters are designed to last 10-to-15 years within the home. However, older systems tend to lose their efficiency quickly and so many homeowners can consolidate their long-term costs by shopping for a new system every seven years. When reviewing your market options, consider products such as tank-less water heaters and natural gas on-demand systems, which are designed to heat directly without the need for storage tanks in the home. These high-efficiency products will help you cut your monthly heating bills significantly in years to come.

Costly home heating bills are a continuing cause for concern for many Canadians. But by analyzing their heating system’s efficiency and working with specialists to resolve any equipment efficiency challenges, homeowners can ensure reduced energy costs for many years to come. Speak with our trusted team today to learn more on improving the efficiency of your home’s water heater.


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