Green Plumbing: An Eco Plumbing How-To

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Green plumbing, aka eco plumbing, is a growing trend with homeowners, as your home’s water use largely dictates how ‘green’ your home is. Luckily, joining the green plumbing revolution is easier than you’d think, which is why we’ve created this handy eco-plumbing how-to!

Green Plumbing: An Eco Plumbing How-To

To help you go green with your eco plumbing, here are our top professional tips…

1. Eco Fixtures

Eco-friendly fixtures are an important part of any green-plumbing strategy as they significantly reduce your home’s water usage. As an added bonus it will also save you money on your yearly water bill. These fixtures are not only effective, but affordable as they can be purchased—cheaply—from your local home improvement store (although higher-end varieties that add more value to your home are available directly through Hayes).

2. Energy-Star Appliances

This tip is a little harder on the wallet, but if your appliances need replacing anyways then opting for Energy Star-rated appliances is a no brainer. They save you money on both your electricity and water bills while adding value to your home when it comes times to sell.

3. Recycle your Materials

Whenever you’re updating appliances or doing other plumbing work—recycle the materials when you’re done! You can recycle everything, from pipes to fixtures.

4. Faucet Aerators

Faucet aerators are a tiny investment with big eco rewards. These nifty little additions to your existing plumbing features use low-flow technology to create a massive reduction in how much water you use. In our opinion—these should be on every fixture, in every home.

5. Low-Flow Shower Heads

Another low-cost, high-impact green plumbing option is installing low-flow shower heads. If you’re thinking that they don’t work as well as the heavy-water-use alternatives—know that in the last decade these shower heads have had some serious technological advances and are now on par with many regular shower heads.

If you’re questioning how much of a difference the above green plumbing practices can truly make, consider this: if the only change you make is to install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators…you’ll reduce your water use by up to 50%. That isn’t just less water, but also less electricity as you won’t be paying to heat that water either.

These green plumbing and eco plumbing practices truly do make a difference. For more tips, or for help installing your eco-friendly plumbing products—call Hayes.

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