Tips For Adding An Extra Bathroom In Your Home

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Integrating an additional bathroom into the home can bring property owners two significant benefits. Firstly, it adds to the luxury and convenience factor within the property. Secondly, it will significantly improve the value of the property, and provide a lasting return on investment that will be clear from the day the home is placed on the local real estate listings. Before considering a bathroom addition, it’s important to know how to streamline the project. Here are our tips for adding an extra bathroom to a home.

Begin by Assessing Design Requirements

The project can be completed more efficiently when homeowners have a full understanding on what features and decorations they require within their new bathroom. Is the new addition going to be a master bathroom or a child-friendly bathroom that is both safe and expertly designed? As part of this process, homeowners must analyze what they like about their current bathroom, as well as outline the features that their current bathroom is missing. This will help ensure that that final design is in-keeping with long-term requirements.

Involve a Renovation Specialist Early in the Process

Oftentimes, homeowners only speak with a bathroom installation specialist when they’ve set their design plans in stone. This can become an issue because there might be structural or budgetary reasons for not being able to complete the original bathroom design. Professionals can help homeowners to blend their dreams with the reality of the building process, and ensure that all work is both planned and carried out with seamless working efficiency.

Consider Water Efficiency

While the design of the bathroom and its cost are two of the most important factors involved in the renovation process, it’s important to consider water efficiency. By installing low flow toilets and shower heads, as well as high-performance faucets, homeowners can significantly reduce their annual water costs each year. It’s important, therefore, to work with a contractor that inherently understands high-efficiency plumbing systems. Working with experts in water efficiency will help to both reduce the cost of the installation process and ensure that the right systems are selected for maximum water-use efficiency.


While the project might seem overwhelming at first, following the tips outlined in this article can help ensure the streamlined addition of an expertly-designed bathroom in your home. To learn more on the installation and design processes, speak with our professional plumbing experts directly today.



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